Thursday, July 22, 2010

I hate being awoken early.
I hate staying in bed all day.
I hate having nothing to do all summer.
I hate that I WANT to go back to school.
Frankly, I hate everything right now.

I hate not having any friends because of a stupid incident involving people who lack common sense. I hate how they have the ability to turn practically all my friends against me.

I love that I only have a year left in Waterford, and then I can finally get away from all this drama.

I hate that Spraoi is on next weekend yet I probably wont be able to go due to the lack of 'friends'.
I hate that all my summer days bar one have been spent online looking for things to do, yet to no avail.

I hate that I feel like a complete mess and that I'd rather hide away from the world rather than embrace it.
I hate that my hair went blonde after the blue dye wore out.

All in all;
I hate that I hate myself right now.

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