Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have literally just awoken from a sleep which began at 5 am.
My sleeping pattern is so screwed up.
I'm going to have to sort it out before September.

I was looking at when my TV shows were returning to America so I can watch them online and it seems that they all return in September. About 6 shows for me to watch on a weekly basis, and that is without my current TV shows.
Hello TV shows.
Goodbye 6th year study!

My brother has the TV's volume turned up to the top. When I feel like getting out of bed, my first priority is to turn it off just to annoy him! My 2nd priority is to make dinner as none of my parents are home today.

I like this new routine of only eating two meals a day because I always skip breakfast because I'm asleep!
I think my other brother's in the kitchen now so that means I can't [Is that how you spell it? Or is it cant?] go in there and cook because I don't like cooking around other people!

Yes I am a bit of a social outcast. No I don't have a mental illness!

I have plans this week for the first time in a month at least. I got a surprise text saying 'Hey how are you x' which lead to a conversation making plans with my friends! I'm also heading to a festival this weekend with another friend which should be really fun!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, etc.

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