Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm planning to write a serious blog now, with some added tales/non-boring things!

I hate living with my family, they're just not elf-ish enough for me, they don't seem to fit in with me! My mother always said she grew up "surrounded by fighting". If so, why bring it back into this household do your children? Its like WW3 here, my mother and brother versus my father. I'm getting blamed for everything because I'm a bold elf.

Anyway, I finally got out of the wardrobe. Turns out all I had to do was kick the door down, who'd have guessed it? I'm now stuck in my room, staring at my broken wardrobe and wondering what to do. All the garden gnomes have ran away, and I'm now just 'Noel the Elf, with no followers'. What a stupid thing of them to do, I'm a very interesting [boringly interesting] person, and frankly its there loss [or mine, but I won't admit it because I know that they're watching me.].

I really hate writing serious stuff as anyone who reads this may have guessed so I write personal things in fairytale's [Full of elf's and garden gnome's to scare away pesky children from reading this *Evil Laugh*].

I finally figured out what the 'I fell and seriously injured my fringe' joke came from too. Its from that advert on television where the woman who looks like a cow is walking through the reception in her work place and falls over because supposedly the floor was 'slippery' and there was 'no sign present', but my guess is that she was wearing high-heels and they couldn't support her, so they broke and she fell on her face, hence resulting in a 'seriously injured back' but more-so a 'seriously injured fringe'.

Seriously girl, contact your hairdressers, they deserve to be sued.

From: Agony Aunt, Noel.

ps: If that girl is reading this, call me, I'm interested in hooking up.

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